Welcome to the International Summer School on Addressing Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies

Welcome to the International Summer School on Addressing Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies


This course aims to provide participants with a solid grounding in addressing Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Emergencies, including a critical overview of key concepts, theory and relevant legal frameworks, examples of good practices and research, guidelines and tools for building-in GBV prevention, mitigation and response strategies in emergencies. The course is designed to build towards core competencies that have been identified at global level for those working on GBViE.

The course will have a focus on critical reflection and understanding as well as core tools and include topics such as: historical and emerging issues and key debates in the area of gender-based violence globally, and in the context of emergencies; the humanitarian system with a gender lens; the critical importance of ethical and safe approaches to data collection and research; coordination; mainstreaming; prevention; and health, legal and case management response.

The course is expected to be blended, with 2 weeks of on-line and 2 weeks of in-person learning, plus final assignments.

Why: There is growing understanding that GBV response and prevention is lifesaving and all humanitarian actors are responsible and obligated to act to prevent and mitigate GBV.  However, even where there is willingness to support work on addressing GBV in emergencies (GBViE), there is frequently a lack of capacity at international and national level. This course is designed towards building the competencies of participants to support humanitarian action to address GBViE

Who is it for: Humanitarian actors and masters level students who want to deepen their capacity, and to develop their skills, confidence, and know-how, to support work in the area of GBViE prevention, mitigation and response. Applicants should have a university degree level qualification, and fluency in English.

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